About OpenDataBio

Opensource software to facilitate the study of biodiversity!

The OpenDataBio project was born from the pratical need to organize data used in biodiversity studies in the Amazon e Atlantic Forest:

  • Organize, curate and interligate the data collected by the Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (PDBFF) of INPA since the early 80's, as well as at the Brazilian ForestGeo Plots (Ilha do Cardoso and Manaus)
  • Integrate data at the individual (organism) level for studies of Integrative Taxonomy, stemming for the premise that species classifications are unstable (in the Amazon, in particular) and require the sharing of the raw individual-based data used to define and describe species
  • Have flexibility in data attributes, but at the same time be able to properly standardize data and document metadata
  • Be able to curate and manage data in a continuous way, tracking the history of data changes, and more easily share data, directly from our Institution server and also to facilitate exports to major public repositories.

Project Maintainer

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