Getting Started

Getting and installing OpenDataBio

OpenDataBio is a web-based software supported in Debian, Ubuntu and Arch-Linux distributions of Linux and may be implemented in any Linux based machine. We have no plans for Windows support, but it may be easy to install in a windows machine using Docker.

Opendatabio is written in PHP and developed with the Laravel framework. It requires a web server (apache or nginx), PHP and a SQL database – tested only with MySQL and MariaDB.

You may install OpenDataBio easily using the Docker files included in the distribution, but these docker files provided are meant for development only and required tuning to deploy a production site.

If you just want to test OpenDataBio in your computer, follow the Docker Installation.

Prep for installation

  1. You may want to request a API key for OpenDataBio to be able to retrieve taxonomic data from the database. If not provided, mainly the GBIF nomenclatural service will be used;
  2. OpenDataBio sends emails to registered users, either to inform about a Job that has finished, to send data requests to dataset administrators or for password recovery. You may use a Google Email for this, but will need to change the account security options to allow OpenDataBio to use the account to send emails (you need to turn on the Less secure app access option in the Gmail My Account Page and will need to create a cron job to keep this option alive). Therefore, create a dedicated email address for your installation. Check the “config/mail.php” file for more options on how to send e-mails.

First time users

Tips to first time users!

Apache Installation

How to install OpenDataBio

Docker Installation

How to install OpenDataBio with Docker

Customize Installation

How to customize the web interface!