Customize Installation

How to customize the web interface!

Simple changes that can be implemented in the layout of a OpenDataBio web site

Logo and BackGround Image

To replace the Navigation bar logo and the image of the landing page, just put your image files replacing the files in /public/custom/ without changing their names.

Texts and Info

To change the welcome text of the landing page, change the values of the array keys in the following files:

  • /resources/lang/en/customs.php
  • /resources/lang/pt/customs.php
  • Do not remove the entry keys. Set to null to suppress from appearing in the footer and landing page.
  1. If you want to change the color of the top navigation bar and the footer, just replace css Boostrap 5 class in the corresponding tags and files in folder /resources/view/layout.
  2. You may add additional html to the footer and navbar, change logo size, etc… as you wish.